Friday, May 23, 2014

Filofax: Personal Deep Pink Domino

Welcome back! Today's post will be about my new baby, my personal Domino in Deep Pink! After searching everywhere for this, I finally got it from a lovely lady over on IG named Jhet, her IG account is leavingonajhetplane. Go check her out! She makes wonderful handmade cards. Now, onto the reason of this post! 
A few goodies Jhet included with the planner. So sweet of her!

The domino is made of smooth PU leather outside and cream suede touch PU inside. I love the way it feels stiff - I think this is why I won't 'baby' this as much as I 'baby' my Malden and my Original.
Its spine has the usual embossed Filofax logo.

The domino has one elastic pen loop located on the left hand part of the Filofax.

On the left hand, there are 4 card slots, 1 full depth pocket, and 1 vertical slip pocket.
On the right hand, there is 1 vertical slip pocket and 1 elastic pen loop. 
The ring mechanism is 0.9" according to the Filofax website. 

Let me tell you a few pros & cons about the Filofax Domino in Deep Pink.

  • If you love happy colors, you'll surely love this deep pink! 
  • Elastic pen loop, the location of it is easily accessible. It is easy for the pen to slide in and out (depending on its size).
  • Elastic closure - may stretch over time depending on usage but it is repairable.
  • May be scratched easily
Overall, I love this Filofax. Will definitely recommend this to anyone, newbie or not! 
Thanks for your time. 
Til next time,