Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How do I start using my Filofax?

"How will I use my Filofax?" 
That was the first question that popped in my mind when I got my first ever Filofax. I didn't know where to start! I'm guessing there are still some people who are in the same position where I was before (3-4 months ago) so why not share a few ideas and tips that helped me start using my planner.

Tip #1
  • Try out different inserts
There are a lot of weekly,monthly, or yearly inserts you can choose to use. At first, I was just using the week on 2 pages that came with my Filofax. It worked well for me since I'm not that busy. I recently just started using the month on 2 pages I printed out from Kel's blog. I like that it gives you an overview of the month. I use it to mark birthdays and events.
Use any type of insert that you think will suit you the most. If you're not really a fan of the inserts that come with your planner, check out these shops: KiddyQualia & Piaric. I've heard tons of positive feedback about their inserts!

Tip #2

  • Decorate your pages
This is optional but for me I enjoy planning more because of the cute designs I see! I decorate each week with my current mood on that day I design it. I get my inspiration from the various FB groups I'm in too. One group I'm in is Filofax Decorated Pages. It's a closed group but I'm 99% sure you'll get accepted! A lot of creativity is shown over there! 

Tip #3
  • Organize your tabs/sections
I currently have 4 sections in my Filofax - Daily, Money, Miscellaneous, and Extras. Under the daily section, I have there my week on 2 pages and my month on 2 pages. Under money… that's self explanatory! Under miscellaneous, I keep my random lists in there. And under extras, that's where my extra sheets of paper and inserts are. 
Organize your Filo to your liking! 
By the way, having pretty dividers also help beautify your planner ;) There are a lot for sale on etsy.

Tip #4
  • Find inspiration
Find pictures to motivate you to use your planner! I mostly get my inspiration from accounts on IG. Searching with the hashtag filofax brings me to a whole new world (lol) Seriously, it's another world in there! Search it and you'll know what I mean!

These are the top 4 tips I personally follow as a beginner in the Filofax world and even until now, after having my planner for about 4 months now. I hoped these helped you find your way in the Filofax world as it helped with mine. Thank you for reading! 
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  1. It does take time to sort out your planner. It might help if Filofax gave customers the option of choosing their insert from a range so you started out with it semi-customised then take it from there. Good luck with it.

    1. That would be such an amazing feature that Filofax may offer!